The accessibility of the particular sections of the region by land transport is secured by a network of railways and roads


The regional railway network density is 0.113 km/km2 (CR: 0.120 km/km2)


An important railway transport knot and crossing of two international high-velocity railway tracks is situated in Přerov


The density of expressways and motorways in the Olomouc Region is approximately 0.013 km/km2 (CR 0.010 km/km2), other roads 0.675 km/km2 (CR 0.698 km/km2)


Railways are relatively evenly distributed; expressways and motorways are localized in the south-central part of the region


The main deficiency of 2nd and 3rd class roads is the chronic dilapidation of maintenance, which, however, is typical for all parts of the Czech Republic


Advantageous for the region is the passage of the high-speed road R35 and the future construction of the expressway D1, connecting the region with Ostrava and Poland


Relatively low air pollution by emissions