Basic data about the region

Region area in km2: 5.139,3


Administrative organization

Districts: 5

Olomouc, Přerov, Prostějov, Šumperk, Jeseník


Communes total: 397

Thereout with a town status: 27



Total: 639.161

% out of total Czech population: 6.24

Density: 121.4/km2


Macro-economic indexes

GDP in current prices: 144.804 million CZK

Region participation on GDP of the CR in %: 4.88

GDP per 1 citizen: 226.617 CZK

GDP per 1 employee: 598.525 CZK

Average gross wage (in 2006): 17.095 Kč

Average unemployment rate as per April 31, 2007: 7.5%



Technical profile
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Important Companies of the Olomouc Region
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