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Compared to other regions, the Olomouc Region has a relatively high potential of hiking tourism activities, in bottom land and hill-country areas also cycling tourism. Northern part of the region is sought for winter sports and the city of Olomouc and its surroundings ambience for urban and religious tourism.



As for spa tourism capacity, the region’s position is very significant, being on the second position after the Carlsbad Region.



The Olomouc Region’s tourist potential is subpided into two tourist resorts – the Haná lowland (tourist region Central Moravia) and the mountain resort – tourist region Jeseníky.



The northern part of the Olomouc Region is suitable especially for development of tourism and recreation, which, however, is not a developing sector.



Another type of tourism that can be addressed as a potential development activity is tourism as business. Activities shall be concentrated mainly in the region’s capital city of Olomouc and its ambience with extensive variety of historical monuments and broad cultural resources.



Development of winter sports, for which the northern part of the region – Jeseníky Mountains - has very beneficial conditions.



The number of enterprising subjects in tourism per 1,000 inhabitants is under the national average. - Positive indicator is the average duration of stay, exceeding the national average rate.



The density of cycling routes in the Olomouc Region is on the 4th position in the Czech Republic.



Perhaps the most significant cultural monuments at all are those enlisted in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. In the Olomouc Region, such a monument is the Holy Trinity Column.




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