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GDP per capita in EUROThe Olomouc Region is economically weaker than the Czech Republic’s average. This is caused especially by the region’s specific shape and its geographic profile, its economic structure and a general attenuation of the agricultural domain occupying almost two thirds more population than in the rest of the Czech Republic.



Gross domestic product (GDP) generated in the region rose between 1995 and 2003 by 72 %.


GDP per capita of the Olomouc Region reaches approximately 80 % of the national average.


The production sector is mainly represented by civil engineering and processing industry.


Major branch of the processing industry is represented by machines and instruments manufacturing, production of food, beverages, metal, metal structures and metal products. These branches occupy approximately one half of all the economically active population of the processing industry.


Service sector employment reaches approximately 40% (especially commercial service sector lags behind).


In terms of size, the prevailing part of companies are among small and medium sized enterprises – firms up to 20 employees (sole traders excluded) represent approximately 10 per cent of all economic subjects and amount to about 13 thousand. In 2003, there were about 250 enterprises occupying over 100 employees, including about 10 enterprises with more than 1000 employees.


The Olomouc Region’s economy is strongly influenced by the status and development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). Generally, there are 14 thousand small enterprises with less than 20 employees. In 2000, small enterprises (up to 20 employees) including self-employed persons occupied 84,063 inhabitants, i.e. they created more than 35 per cent of all job positions.


As for geographic differentiation, the most developed area is Olomouc. Along with Přerov and Prostějov districts, this locality constitutes the agglomerated “core“ of the region and represents a locality with high development potential. 



 GDP Indicators



date of 2005

 Region’s participation on the CR’s GDP in %


 GDP per capita in CZK  226 617,-
 GDP per capita in EURO     7 609,-
 GDP per capita in PPS    13 515,-
 GDP per capita, Czech Republic = 100


 GDP per capita in PPS, EU 25 = 100



Enterprising subjects enrolled in the Economic Subjects Register
(Status as of 2005-03-31)


  Czech republic Olomouc Region

 Proportion in 
 per cent

 Quantity  Proportion in
 per cent
 Total  2 474 071


 132 093


   out of which:  




   Natural persons  1 930 132


 110 766


   Corporate entities     543 939


   21 327


     out of which:        
     Joint-stock companies       19 151




     Partnerships         7 600




     Limited liability companies     257 131


    8 627


     Co-operatives       14 767




     State-owned enterprises           614




     Others     244 676


  11 105