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The Olomouc Region disposes of a relatively high potential of human resources.


In terms of level of education, the Olomouc Region ranges to the CR’s most forward regions. However, the branch structure of education does not meet the employers’ needs.


The education structure is supported by a dense network of primary schools, secondary schools and one university residing in the regional capital, two private colleges and branches of technical universities.


A disadvantage is the non-existence of technical specializations at the local university (thence, the region has the nationwide highest rate of persons with non-technical education). In consequence, we face a shortage of technically qualified job candidates.


The region sees its strong opportunities of development of strategic and commercial services.


The region’s labour market is inconsistent, corresponds to the demographic structure.

As per registered unemployment rate, the Olomouc Region has shown in a long term view one of the highest rates in the Czech Republic.


The region is also weaker in terms of the average monthly income, being approximately 2 % below the national average.




Education in Olomouc Region  - Universities



Palacky University in Olomouc - 20 000 students; 7 faculties (the faculty of medicine, arts, low, science, teacher training, physical education and theology)
Private college in Olomouc (The Moravian University of Olomouc) – economy and management

Technically oriented branches of universities:


Šumperk - Machine Engineering Faculty

Přerov - branch: information technology and Private Logistic University

Jeseník - branches: information technology

Prostějov - the Textile Faculty


Region specifics of secondary education

International Campus - English education for pupils at the age of 4 – 15

Billingual grammar schools – English, French, Spanish, German

Within the frame of secondary education in the region there are these secondary schools - grammar schools (20), secondary vocation schools (44), secondary training colleges (35), training colleges (16) and practical schools (6).