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Negotiating with regional government and representation of member business interests


Information and advisory services (system of contact places for entrepreneurs) – more information here

Education (holding and co-holding seminars, workshops, courses and conventions for entrepreneurs)

Management and realization of the EU projects - we are open to seek partners for international projects connected with entrepreneurial subjects

Member promotion, especially outside the region, company representation by establishing contact between individual business chambers abroad

Establishing cooperation with foreign partners

Organizing of business missions to foreign countries

Organizing of informal meetings of entrepreneurs and important partners

Business contacts search, services for  Olomouc region companies seeking foreign partners with the help of foreign chambers

Professional meetings

Disseminates knowledge and information about the economy, economic activities and administrative procedures concerning business activities and economic transactions with foreign parties

Supports facilities aimed at the preparation of young people for jobs

Publishing bulletins for entrepreneurs

Electronic auctions

Emitting of verified documents from national registers

Electronic toll


Don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our services, especially in seeking contacts among our entrepreneurs.