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Chamber of Commerce of the Olomouc Region is a voluntary association of district commercial chambers in the region. District chambers are situated in cities Olomouc, Prostějov, Šumperk and Jeseník.

There are approximately 700 business subjects in the Olomouc region who are members of the commercial chamber. These members create 60% of the region GDP and employ 2/3 of the region employable residents.


Field structure of the member companies:
Services 31 %
Manufacturing industry 25 %
Trade 22 %
Building industry 11 %
Others 11 %


Main goals of the Regional chamber
Chamber of Commerce of the Olomouc Region's program statement summarizes its mission: to highlight the necessity of close cooperation between the Chamber itself and organs of local governments.

Chamber of Commers of the Olomouc Region, first and foremost:


Facilitates cooperation with the regional authority of the Olomouc Region, aimed at the development and support of members of the Economic Chamber

Seeks the realization and development of local government initiatives


Supports initiatives with the Czech Chamber of Commerce and Regional Chambers of Commerce throughout the Czech Republic, including cooperation with foreign business partners.


To support entrepreneurial activities, enforce and protect the interests of entrepreneurs


To promote and disseminate information about business activities of the members


To support inovation and knowladge economy in the region


To support development of innovations and knowledge economics in the region